Side events

Master Degree in Data Science for Human and Social Sciences at the University of Salento, together with the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) and Young SIS, is organizing a round table entitled “DATA SCIENCE: STATISTICS FOR THE 22ND CENTURY.” The round table will represent a moment of sharing and in-depth analysis, exploring various crucial themes that outline the future of this discipline, including the use of advanced methodologies, their impact on different application areas, the rapid national and international evolution of research, and the practical implications for the world of work.The round table aims to offer a detailed overview of the trends and dynamics that will shape the future of this discipline, promising to be an opportunity for learning and exchange for all those interested in data science.
At the end of the panel discussion, an aperitivo is planned during which students, phd students, and researchers will present posters related to their own research activities for discussion.

Free attendance.

Stats Under the Stars (SUS), a satellite event of the SIS conference, is a hackathon open to national and international MSc or PhD students (an undergraduate degree is suggested, but not compulsory) and young Statisticians and Data Scientists. The participants work in teams and have a full night to compete in the analysis of a real-world analytics problem.

For more information about the challenge (rules, program, registration, venue etc.) please visit the page at this link.

Free attendance for a limited number of participants upon reservation, first come first served.

The Italian Statistical Society (SIS), Unioncamere Puglia – a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network – and the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) present the event “Policy tools for innovation and development”. The meeting aims to create a platform for discussion and in-depth exploration of the dynamics and strategies related to industrialization and economic development in Southern Italy, with the goal of fostering sustainable and inclusive growth in the Puglia region.During the event, the fundamental role of official statistics in understanding and supporting the development of the regional productive system will be explored, emphasizing the importance of statistical data for the analysis and planning of public policies. Additionally, strategies and regional policies aimed at promoting innovation, business development, and economic growth will be discussed, with particular attention to the specific reality of Puglia. A specific focus will also be dedicated to the crucial link between human capital, innovation, and economic development, examining how investments in education, training, and research can promote business competitiveness and generate new job opportunities.

The event will represent an important opportunity for the exchange of ideas and best practices among institutional representatives, industry experts, and entrepreneurs, with the aim of stimulating collaboration and aggregation for the economic and social progress of Puglia. The event will be followed by an aperitif and a guided walk through the old city.

Free attendance for a limited number of participants upon reservation, first come first served.

Attendance for a limited number of participants upon reservation and payment, first come first served.